The exhibition project, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

"Epilogue" by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

"Hope is the feeling, which is born in a sole while watching or feeling or imagining the good future, which is hard but still possible to be reached…"


1. Marta Bosowska  [PL]
video, object, 2015

33 steps to fall down and never stand up
33 days of wait of the wife and the sun
33 km from Kielce
33 and the end
Once I find a tomb of a stranger in a garden. Kielce. 33 years, death from bullet to the head, the name is known. Is founded. Is already forgotten. 33 years is the age of Jesus Christ in the moment of death. 


2. Joanna Zemanek (PL), Grzegorz Sztwiertnia (PL)
Spaleni słońcem/Утомлённые солнцем/Стомлені сонцем
Burnt by the Sun
video 1 min.

Short, founded movie stills form the “Burnt by the Sun” (the original title is left purposely)
Is an attempt to analyze the phenomenon of widely spread sentiment, typical for Post-Soviet countries of USSR (Poland, the PPR ). In this work we purposely got rid of all topics of rehabilitation or justification, which are present in the original Mikhalkov’s work.
The fiery ball – is the name of the Sun (Stalin), breaks the glass of the old faded photo. What is burnt (faded) is the naïve hope that once during the old regime it was better, than now. 

3. Mykhaylo Barabash [UA]
"About Hope"
video installation, 2016

The work refers to the hope for a truce. But this hope is so deeply personal that in some moment it becomes a shame to others… 

4. Vitalii Shupliak [UA]
"The loop of history"
video installation (projector, tripod, mirror)

The work consists of a tripod on top of which there is a projector mounted to a dirty mirror. The mirror has got a round rubbed out spot, there is also a reflection of a video fragment projected on the opposite wall. The projection shows a video documentation of a tank launching a rocket i Donbas region. It clearly documents the setting of dust and smoke after the launch. This fragment has been edited and prolonged. It takes 5 minutes to watch. As a result, the method of image representation is divided into two parts: one: on a dirty surface of the mirror (the tank, a part of a trench and landscape), and two: the image is reflected by clear parts of the mirror, and it shines on the wall opposite (part of the landscape, tree and sky). On the wall, there is drawing of trees before the launch, it matches the projected image. After the launch, the image of the tree remains, but it is moved. With time, the trees return to their original contour and the image evokes a moment of peace. The video is accompanied every 7 minutes by a loud shot. The work refers to situation of permanent repetition of dramatic events In time when after a violent explosion there is a long period of emotional – informative setting of dust. What follows is the moment of peace and short – lived silence.


5. Slawomir Sobczak [PL]
"Potential Energy", from "Clear Threat"
interactive video installation, 2012 / version II 2016

Standing in front of a group of young people the artist is creating a dual feelings and emotions. Potential energy could grow into action. Mass could cause construction or destruction, could instigate creation of new values or destroy current.
From the form of future creation and how it will be perceived it depends our involvement to any of sides. The context makes new fields of fantasy. This work has both social and political measurements and refers though not literally to events which gave positive changes in Ukraine and hope for freedom.  

6. Volodymyr Topij [UA]
"Potato rosary"
Object, 2016

…Who works, that prays, who prays, that works…
Paraphrase of Yoann Chrysostom
When spring is coming and becomes warmer, the impatience of tillage and potato planting grows in minds of all country people. Work in field is in full swing, parents try to involve their children to this. Potato and its planting at the end becomes a main purpose in the period of the beginning and half of spring. The impatience has caught my father as well and he strived to perform his “canonical” duty of potato planting so much that he was taken to hospital to infarct department… So it came to my mind: he would rather pray. 
7. Volodymyr Topij [UA]
"John the Baptist "
Video, objact, 2016

I tried, started to play video about John the Baptist with creations of medieval masters of painting. This copying of painting in a form of video is always worse than its painted prototype. I started to work out video sketches changing composition, palette or lighting but nothing helped, the sketches were not convincing. Then I mentioned that the body, the tomb of John the Baptist is in Damask in Syria, ostensibly, and he is honored as a shrine in Islam as well. I mentioned Russian bombings Syrian towns, mentioned the shelling from GRAD of Ukrainian borders and so on….       
Performance "unTitled" by Mykhaylo Barabash [UA], Dzyga Galery

Concert «Canti sacrali», Powder Tower

Concert "Sound contemplation", Powder Tower, Ensemble of contemporary music "ConstantY" [UA], conductor: Serhiy Khorovets [UA]

Concert «Folios», Powder Tower, Mykhailo Vihula [UA-HU] - contemporary music for guitar

The project Andrija Bojarova [UA] "Untitled. Sacred spaces"
Exhibition of photographs.
Fine Arts Department of Lviv National Scientific Library





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