SACRED SPACE IX. The Expulsion from Paradise

26 August - September 8, 2020
Sedmyratska House (42 Rynok Square), Lviv, Ukraine

The «Sacred Space» art project has been held annually since 2012. Its key goal is to expand the boundaries of perception and representation of the sacred dimension of human life through creative experiment and modern optics, rethinking the ideals and values of the religious worldview and responding to the challenges of our time.

The theme of this year's project is "The Expulsion from Paradise".
Christian tradition is interpreting the expulsion from Paradise as a consequence of a very important action that opens history of mankind — history of conscious will and fulfillment of freedom given by God. After tasting the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, Adam and Eve understood the difference between good and evil, but committed the first sin in history. Lead by temptation, they aimed to become «as wise as gods». That’s how our ancestors chose freedom and reason over obedience — the only possible way to embrace God’s love, — and awareness of the highest instance tightly related to personal life dimensions.
In the modern world, metaphysical basis of which is blurred and questioned, history of mankind in the religious interpretation is perceived rather metaphorically. Therefore, the expulsion from Paradise can be seen as a metaphor for person’s loss of connection with their spiritual origin. It has been replaced by a critical mind, which leads to the formation of a logical and well-established personal position, self-consciousness, self-concentration, but thus displaces the superpersonal, irrational, transcendent to the periphery of our world.
Are these experiences interchangeable? Is the price that humanity pays for extreme freedom, for recognizing reason, and whole-rationality for universal value, appropriate? Or maybe we should think on the contrary: what if what we have is Paradise?

Mykhaylo Barabash
Daryna Skrynnyk-Myska





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